me every night

every tiem
(Tap tap tap x1000)

“Wew. No inspiration.”

(Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. Hits Enter)

♫The clouds are like your eyes

♫Soaring with the wind to my heart to yours

♫The rain falls so soft, it turns into snow

(Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap. Enter)

(Hits Spacebar hits w spams Spacebar spams wwwwwww)



My feels.

finallllyehs my favyhrite manga is ending.

(Out of breath)

And its live-action movie cast is out. Shi approves. #Teamkakerunaho #sorrynotsorry



Trustworthiness depreciates over time, does it not?

Nov 29.

(Inserts M here)

Dec 6.

(M is removed, permanently)

Pray remember Sep 14. Pray never forget those days in between.

And be very, very …. sad.

Gano Farm Field Trip

Monkey head mushroom, Hericeum erinaceum

Baby mushroom among well-grown ones

Lingzhi, Ganoderma lucidum

White oyster mushroom, Pleurotus florida

Wheat grains as one of the substrates

Contaminated substrates (mid and rightmost)

More substrates

Oyster mushrooms

Yellow oyster mushrooms

Mushroom-flavored noodles!

Saw dust to be added with the substrate

Inserting the mushroom culture into the spawn bags

Bag of mycelium not yet fully grown

Resting mushrooms

More oyster mushrooms